Pastoral Care

The Ministry Team of the church offers a comprehensive programme of pastoral care. This includes the preparation of families for the Baptism of their children and of wedding couples for their marriage, and the accompanying of the bereaved through the process of preparing for the funeral of their loved one. Confirmation preparation is offered annually by the Parish Priest to all those who want to learn more about the Christian Faith and become communicant members of the Church.

We also aim to visit the sick in their homes or in hospital or in residential homes and to bring them Communion where that is appropriate. The laying-on of hands and anointing are available on request and are offered at our occasional healing services. We will visit any sick or bereaved person when asked and indeed we will visit anyone who requests a pastoral visit. Spiritual counselling and the sacrament of Confession are available on request from the Parish Priest.

Please contact:

  • Christopher Dawe (Reader) 363890


If you would like to have your baby baptised please contact the vicar at the address above. We would be delighted to baptise your baby in the church before God and to commit ourselves to help to pray for and care for your child. Baptisms take place in the context of the main Sunday service at 10.30am, usually on the third Sunday of the month.

There is a formal preparation of the families before baptism and a member of the congregation visits each family, if they are happy to be visited, before the baptism service. The purpose of this is to provide a link between the church and the family and to give them an opportunity to ask about anything that they are not sure of. It is particularly important for families who are making their first contact with All Saints at this time.

The service is discussed and the family and their guests are invited to join us for coffee following the service. They are also asked if they have a special hymn that if possible they would like included in the service.

If you would like to be baptised as an adult we are delighted that you are committing yourself to be a Christian. Please contact the vicar who will advise you.



Confirmation is a time when a person declares publicly that the declaration of faith and promises of following Christ which were made on their behalf at their baptism are accepted and will be followed by that person. It is also the time when you become a full member of the Church of England. If you would like to take this step and be confirmed please contact the vicar.



Our church is an ancient, beautiful and holy place to celebrate your wedding and to make your vows before God. Please would you contact the vicar at the address above who will prepare you for your marriage and arrange for your banns to be read?



At a time of loss we as a church family would aim to be a comfort and support to you. If you would like to have your funeral service at the church please contact the vicar at the address above who will advise and counsel you.