Equal Opportunities Policy

The PCC of All Saints Church Kempston wholeheartedly supports the principle of equality of opportunity in employment and aims to ensure that:

  • recruitment, selection, training, consideration for promotion and treatment at work for those who are employed in a paid or voluntary capacity within our organisation,
  • access to membership of our councils, committees and other groups and
  • access to benefits, facilities and services we provide

are available to all without discrimination and that no-one is disadvantaged in any of these matters by conditions or requirements that cannot be shown to be justifiable.

It is recognised that there are currently some differences in conditions surrounding service between those who are lay or ordained, and also that some lay posts may nevertheless give rise to a genuine occupational requirement that the post-holder has a commitment to the Christian faith. However, the PCC will work to ensure that there is no discrimination on grounds of race, colour, nationality – including citizenship – or ethnic or national origins, disability, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, religious or political affiliation, class of socio-economic status, lay or ordained status, or any other respect which cannot be shown to be a necessary requirement of the job or office concerned.

The PCC will also strive to ensure that the work environment is free of harassment and bullying and that everyone is treated with dignity and respect.