All Saints Church has stood here in this beautiful setting by the river Great Ouse since 1099 and may have replaced an even earlier church building.

Down the centuries, our church has witnessed to the Christian Faith in Kempston and we continue that witness through our emphasis on traditional Anglican worship, centred on the Eucharist. We set a premium on reverence, prayer, thought-provoking sermons and good music with a mixture of well-known and contemporary hymns. We hope that our church extends a friendly and warm welcome to all worshippers and visitors and those who celebrate the rites of passage of their families within our ancient walls. We are a small but friendly Christian community where every member can make a real difference, so we look forward to meeting you.

If you are searching for a deeper meaning in your life or you have some unanswered questions about the Christian Faith, do give us a try and get involved in the worship and life of the Church. In a world where there is so much suffering and stress, the Christian Faith offers us a different perspective and a fresh hope.

We aim to serve the whole community through a wide range of organizations, activities and events, which seek to include both families and all age groups.

All Saints is a parish church in the Diocese of St. Albans and we are part of the worldwide Anglican Communion. The clergy team also covers St. James’s Church in Biddenham and we do share some joint services and activities with them. Our church is open to visitors every day from 9.30am until 5.30pm and there are opportunities for silent prayer and reflection. If you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact one of the team or some other appropriate person.

We look forward to meeting you when you follow up your visit to this web site with a visit to our church in person.