Introducing our Holy Week guest from Yorkshire

A special guest, who is a monk, will be joining us for Holy Week. Fr. Dennis Berk, who originally hails from “across the pond,” moved over to this side of the Atlantic Ocean five years ago. Born in the United States, he then went to Canada where he studied at the University of Toronto and took his degree in theology from Trinity College in that city. Ordained in the Anglican Church of Canada in 1990, he served his title in the Diocese of Ontario followed by several more years of parish ministry there after his curacy.

Eventually he returned to his natal land of the United States where he was engaged in parish ministry until he relocated to Mirfield, in West Yorkshire, in 2010 when he joined the Community of the Resurrection. Previously he’d been associated with these Anglican monks for nine years as an oblate, having first met them in 2001 when he was living in the U.K. as a graduate student in Oxford.

Fr. Dennis serves as the Guest Brother of CR and he enjoys offering monastic hospitality to the many visitors who come to Mirfield. Having already enjoyed a short visit to Biddenham and Kempston on the weekend of Advent Sunday, now he looks forward to being here with us once again when Holy Week arrives this spring.