The Doggy Olympics  Event, 22nd Sept at Addison Howard Park.

The Colour Workers supported The Doggy Olympics and RSPCA.

Frances, Helen, Gail, Madeline Emily, Jiada, Noemi, Abigail and myself worked for 6 hours extremely hard and I can only thank everyone for their dedication and amazing skills in Face-Painting and communicating with others in such a generous spirit and also giving their precious time.

I have sent you two group photos of the RSPCA and DOGGY OLYMPICS , COLOUR WORKERS and DOGS! (Who were also a credit to their owners)

Two photos of Colour Workers, JIADA LAROSA(Tiger) and MADELINE SHEEN (Painted face with stars and colours)

Two other little girls together were sisters and I asked the mother if it was possible to use their photos for Website and she was very happy. Here is a quote from MUM.

” We enjoyed the afternoon at the Doggy Olympics though girls favourite thing of all was having their faces painted with rainbow, ponies and stars. We also love the greyhound (LILY) and the Lurcher Stall. ”      Susan Rafferty

Another quote

” My children enjoyed having their faces painted very much.The standard of Face Painting is exceptional and the face – painters were very good with the girls. ”     Miss Clare Howe

It was really a lovely day working with animals and children and the weather was kind although chilly at times.We thought he Doggy Olympics was a lovely idea supporting the disabled.The RSPCA were very helpful to all of us and our stall was placed next to them.

I believe that the charitable actions involved with the Colour Workers and working in the Community for All Saints Church  is  fulfilling and I would like to thank all those involved and hope others also will join us in a new way of meeting and caring for others and learning many skills in the process.