Introducing David and Suzette Maguire

David and Suzette Maguire will be joining us to work as Community Ministers in Great Denham and West Kempston from the end of January 2015. They have been married for almost 15 years, with two grown-up children and five grandchildren. They have joint hobbies that include walking – they have walked Hadrian’s Wall twice while living in the North East! – and visiting coffee shops, and separate hobbies that include gardening and wildlife (David) and friends and writing (Suzette). With a combined total of 29 years in Christian ministry, both Suzette and David are members of the Church Army Mission Community. Church Army people and projects share their faith through words and action in a variety of situations across the United Kingdom and Ireland: bringing hope, helping people live life to the full and transforming lives and communities with the Good News of the gospel, in whatever way is appropriate to where they are based. (See Suzette and David have been [Read more...]

Natter Club in January – Visit from a Wildlife Photographer

We’re very pleased to announce that Derek Henderson will visit The Natter Club in January, to tell his story about how he became a wildlife photographer. Natter Club will be back in the New Year on 15th January from 2pm until 6pm, and Ruth Garner is running a Creative Corner for Children from 4.30pm onwards. Tea and cakes all afternoon, and everyone is welcome. Entrance is £1.00. Our final Natter Club for 2014 is on Thursday 18th December, from 2pm until 6pm. Come and join us for Carol Singing, a Christmas Quiz, sausage rolls and Christmas treats.

The Sanctity of Human Life

We thought it might be good to initiate discussion on ethical issues from time to time and so I am starting this off with some thoughts on what has become known as Assisted Dying. A Christian approach to this subject must begin from our belief that all life in some way or other ultimately derives from the work of God in creation. For those of us who are quite happy to embrace a Darwinian approach in terms of natural selection as to how this actually came about, we nonetheless understand that God is the unmoved mover and the mind behind the creation of the universe. A scientific explanation of creation tells us how this took place, but a theological explanation tries to account for why it happened and to supply us with some overarching meaning and purpose behind these events. This kind of explanation sees creation as the product of God's unconditional love and his desire to share that love with others, because quite simply, love is only truly love when it is shared with others and when [Read more...]