2014 is destined to be a year of anniversaries, whether we think of the big-ticket anniversary of the outbreak of the Great War or of the much smaller ticket anniversary of Bedfordshire joining the Diocese of St Albans to create the diocese, as we know it today. Both of these things happened in 1914. But, of course, another important anniversary is that of the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314 and it is just possible that Scots might soon have another great victory to celebrate in 2014 with the independence referendum, which will then become another memorable anniversary in Scotland. Hopefully, the observance of anniversaries such as these can either lead to great celebrations or to sober reflection. The St Albans anniversary is an opportunity for celebration and for developing a sense of belonging to the Diocesan family. At worst, the Battle of Bannockburn and the Great War could lead to a great jingoistic banging of the drum for Scotland at the expense of England or for Britain at the [Read more...]